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New York, NY

Sat.   July 11, 2020

WitchsFestUSA NYC Street Festival - Astor Place Bet. Broadway & Lafayette Streets

More Events TBA


Brooklyn, NY

Sat.   Sept 7, 2019

Lucky 13 Saloon - 644 Sackett St, Brooklyn, New York

New York, NY

Sat.   July 13, 2019

WitchsFestUSA NYC Street Festival - Astor Place Bet. Broadway & Lafayette Streets


Come with Me!

Out of the depths of a passion for dark rock emerges the mysterious sound of DARK MOON SPIRIT, influenced by strange macabre and heartfelt worlds.   DARK MOON SPIRIT creates a tone that channels a combination of the best influences of the past (Idol, Lords of the New Church, Reed, Thunders) combined with the retro wave of today's varied rock scene to create powerful music with the gritty passionate vibe that was created in the NY Lower East Side.

The DARK MOON SPIRIT lives in the shadows of each of us.   For the light of our day, we must have a night.   There must always be a dark side.   It's our choice whether out darkness overcomes us as despair or empowers us to survive.   When good is evil and evil is good, we are living UNDER THE DARK MOON.

The moon became a symbol to the ancients for the cycle of life - birth, growth, death - with its repeating cycles of waxing and waning.  In order to have renewal to the light, the moon must first go through its final diminution phase to become dark in the sky at the time of the new moon - the Dark Moon.   It is only through death that rebirth can take place.   In our lives we experience the cycles of growth and decay when the destruction of something in our world happens so something new can take its place.   The dark prefaces the light.

The Dark Phase of the Lunar Cycle encompasses what cannot be seen in the light of day or can be understood by the rational conscious mind.   UNDER THE DARK MOON dreams become reality, and for a time reality is only just a distant confining memory from which we are free.   Our bodies and minds cannot sustain their life energy without the rebirth from sleep in the night, as our SPIRIT cannot be reborn to thrive without running free in the time of the unknown, the hidden, the concealed, the evil...the dark forces that empower change.   So...

Come with me...

Come with me Brothers and Sisters...

Come with me...    UNDER THE DARK MOON!

Fred at Lucky13
Wookiee at L13



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Under the Dark Moon (EP)

Under the Dark Moon


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UNDER THE DARK MOON is the debut EP from DARK MOON SPIRIT that brings you back from the mundane into the world where your dreams can become reality if you give them a chance.  When you hear the thick sonic resonance of DARK MOON SPIRIT reverberate through the night, it's time to come out and run wild UNDER THE DARK MOON!


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Track 1:     Dark Moon Spirit

Track 2:     By the Moonlight

Track 3:     Naked

Track 4:     Feel Your Heat

Track 5:     Love Me Tonight

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